Saturday, November 3, 2007

Missing Pope John Paul II

I still miss him. Today I put the DVD of John Paul the Great's funeral mass in the player. It still impresses. There are several points during Archbishop Foley's (now Cardinal Foley) narration where one can clearly hear his voice almost breaking with emotion. Wonderful. So many impressions; the crowd, the gospel, the simple casket, Bush at times appearing out of place amongst all of this Catholic stuff, the coffin being turned to the crowd one last time before entering the basilica, the applause. How fortunate we are that God gave us this man. How fortunate we are that he was His vicar. How thankful I am that I am a Catholic. I still miss him.

Democrats and Abortion

I have been watching the recent Democrat and Republican presidential debates these past few weeks. The first thing that strikes me this political season is how uninspiring is the current field of candidates. Not one of them has any real charisma or excitement. This of course is nothing new. I am sure there are some candidates that have some real intelligence and hopefully some real vision for the future of the country and the world. Unfortunately, in the quest for votes they are all so fearful of offending anyone, and often controlled by political handlers and advisers, that one only receives from them the smallest clue as to what they really think.

I have not voted for a Democrat since Carter. It is not that I disagree with many of the basic beliefs of the that party, it is more that I feel I have not seen a Democrat running for president that I feel is honest. This is not to say that I am convinced the Republicans are all Mother Theresas. They often as disingenuous as the Democrats.

If the Democrats were to offer a nominee that more closely reflected my moral beliefs, there is a good chance that candidate would receive my vote. All in all the Democratic party is more in line with the hierarchy of the Church in this country. Some may argue that that is not an especially positive thing. Nonetheless, it is true. The Democrats greatest point of departure is of course their position on abortion. I have read somewhere that someone felt that in the end abortion will cease not because of the Republicans but because finally the Democrats will see the light and see what abortion really is, that is the denial of life to the most vulnerable members of our society.

I am not sure which candidate will receive my vote. I have, however, managed to scratch a good number of them of my list of possibilities.