Monday, August 25, 2008

Catholicism and Objections

I often realize some of the things I like about Catholicism are the things that many non-Catholics find objectionable. I love the communion of saints and asking the saints to pray for me and for others, much as I would ask friends here on earth to do the same. The sacrament of confession is another. There is such a feeling of renewal after making a good confession. The papacy is another thing that I love. In spite of some truly sinful popes throughout the Church's history the truth of the faith continues. We are fortunate today that we are blessed with such a fine pontiff in Benedict XVI. There is a beauty and wisdom in the Church. When one reads the early Fathers the truth of the Church becomes much more reasonable. To paraphrase John Henry Newman, when one knows history, he ceases to be protestant. Easier said than done.

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