Saturday, August 23, 2008

Abortion and Joe Biden

Finally the guessing is over. Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate. Senator Biden is a pro-choice Catholic. Just what the Church needs, another Catholic politician that brings scandal to the faithful. I actually find Biden intelligent and likable. If only he would not present himself at the altar to receive the Eucharist, I would respect him even more. Certainly he knows that his pro-abortion position puts him at odds with his professed faith. He must know that his public support of abortion requires that he not receive the Eucharist and yet he does and does so publicly. The Church teaching on the matter has never been clearer than it has been in recent years. So why does he continue the receive the Eucharist? Has he found some loophole that allows him to support the destruction of innocent human life which would allow him to receive. No such loophole exists. Perhaps his reason is the true hunger that a believing Catholic has to receive the Body of Christ. Perhaps his motivation is political. Whatever the reason, I am sure he knows that without a change in his support of abortion, he should not receive. If the democratic party had a strong pro-life candidate, they would be unstoppable. I pray that the day comes when the party finds that candidate.

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