Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just had the pleasure of seeing a great example of anti-Catholic writing on another blog ( Sad how so many can distort the teaching of the Church. It is the typical nonsense that claims the Church is telling candidates and politicians how to vote. The Church does not deny the right of any particular politician to vote his conscience. The Church has just clearly stated that for a Catholic to publicly support a "woman's right" to abortion puts one in opposition to the clear and consistent teaching of the the Church, and therefore, that person should not receive the Eucharist. Catholic politicians are certainly free to take any position on any particular issue, but, when a position is taken that puts them at odds with what the Church has clearly defined as a grave moral evil, then they have several options. They can leave the Church, reform their belief, or not receive the Eucharist. One can choose to not be a Catholic. But the nature of Catholicism is that one does not by himself have the option of deciding what actions are sinful. Perhaps Joe Biden (and Pelosi) would be happier as a Methodist.

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