Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I must sometimes remind myself that I love the mass. After mass yesterday morning my first unfortunate thought was why do we not do it better. I love nothing more than reception of the Eucharist and certainly that is the focal point of the mass and our faith but something is lacking in the way most masses in this country are celebrated. The pope has on numerous occasions expressed various ideas on improving the celebration. We have a rich history and language which continues to slip away in spite of some signs of recovery. If I were running the show the we would re-introduce more Latin, eliminate the practice of singing hymns that are one-time episodes for the congregation, and keep the priest on the altar during the exchange of the sign of peace. We Catholics are not ignorant or unteachable. Why not do the Our Father in Latin, why not Dominus Vobiscum, etc. We seem to be singing hymns every week that are new to us at each mass, thus giving those among us that are less than perfect singers another reason to keep silent. Why not not a core of songs the congregation can learn and be accustomed to singing. Heck, I might even join in. But I do love the mass. No greater joy fills me as profoundly as receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. Dominus Vobiscum.